TMMX1 / The machine is always precise
Panaibra Gabriel Canda (dancer and choreographer from Maputo, Mozambique)
Michela Henle
(Swiss circus artist who lives and works in Brussels)
In TMMX1 both artists have worked out a solo movement for Michela, using an interactive system: a laser scanner detects objects and movements. The dancer controls image and sound through her position in space. The installation also influences the movements of the dancer. Who manipulates whom?
TMMX2 / Bare-Faced 
Lazara Rosell Albear (Cuban-Belgian artist with a background in dance, music and visual arts)
Sammy Baloji (photographer and video artist from Lumumbashi, DR Congo, who currently lives and works in Brussels) 
For these artists TMMX2 was the trigger to look for a shared history. They followed routes from Central-African Congo culture to Cuba, via traditional religious practices based on trance. The spectator is taken on a journey in an audio-visual installation. A trip between documentary and free-jazz.
TMMX3 / Article 0.0
Liz Kinoshita (Canadian dancer, lives and works in Brussels)
Ornella Mamba (actress from Kinshasa, DR Congo, currently lives and works in Paris)
For TMMX3 both artists searched intensely for what they share and for what divides them. The starting theme was religion and religious practice. They show a transversal cut of their encounter, the process they went through, their opposed ideas and shared memories.
The public is invited to assist in writing the new credo.


TRANCEMEDIAMIX (TMMX) was a series of projects of CORBAN (now VIDEOLEPSIA).
TMMX connects different arts and cultures. Two artistst with a different artistic and cultural background work together during one month, resulting in a showcase that can take any artistic form.
TMMX is a platform where interdisciplinarity and intercultural cooperation is essential